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Nicely told tribute. I got a little teary-eyed reading about Manang's reaction to reading the Bible in her own language. BTW, I also read YA as a teen & looked forward to it every month.
I love missionary stories!
Lovely story. I really admire people who go off into strange countries bringing the word of God to them.
This was interesting and educational. Who can deny that the Bible changes lives?
Good job!
Excellent writing on how the Word of God changes hearts and lives! Well Done!
Nicely told story, and I think it's amazing that you stayed in contact with your penpal for so long.

I found one part a little confusing. When the missionary first went to the village, and neither could speak the other's language, the dialogue in your story suggests that they conversed quite well. The fact that you had it as dialogue seemed conflicting to me.

I appreciate the author's note--it is so nice to read true stories like this.
I loved the older sister's reaction once she realized that she was holding the word of God. I enjoyed your real life account, a great read.
I love how excited Nard and his family became over the Word coming in their own heart language. Sadly, we take that for granted, too often.
Wow, this article gave me the goosebumps. Seeing Richard arrive and declare that he wanted to learn their language, and then write Mark into their language, was amazing.
But what I liked most about the story was the reaction of Nard to his first reading of the Bible. Seeing Jesus die, he stopped reading and hated God. In Western society everyone pretty much knows about Jesus death and resurrection (eventhough most people don't believe it, sadly), so we don't get to see reactions like this. And then for Nard to keep reading, and find that Jesus rose again - wow - the power of the gospel.
Soooo awesome, Lynne! So glad you could tell a true story - and with such power! Excellent, my dear friend!
The Wycliffe translators do an amazing work. Thanks for writing this story. It's perfect for this week.
Awesome story! I am so glad that there are people out there like Nard who are sharing the Gospel with their people. We need people like him to continue to reach out to the lost. The fact that this story is true makes it even more compelling to read.