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Gives a whole new meaning to "if these walls could talk". Very well written.
Your story flowed very well and grabbed my attention. I enjoyed the descriptions and the message. Well done!
God's Word will NOT return void, but will accomplish that which it was sent out to do.

Excellent entry. It kept the reader reading and ended with a worthwhile message. The conversation seemed natural and the dialect (especially of the boat crew) was great.

I do have an opinionated suggestion if you are interested. Email or PM me if you would like more input.

It might also be nice to offer others the same help if you have the time and inclination.
Very good, fast-paced, action story. The dialogue is excellent.

The ending seemed to be a bit abrupt. It didn't make sense that he went from being a brutal killer to a man wallpapering his house with the Bible. Due to the limited words, you had to make a huge, somewhat unrealistic, jump there. (Of course, God can do anything--even "impossible" jumps. But the story lost a little of its flow.)

Very good job with the topic, and your writing is very engaging and entertaining.
I enjoyed your story. You kept my interest.
This is a winner in my book. I loved the story of courage and sacrifice; of victory and freedom. It was neat to see the story from the other side of the river too. The Word accomplished what God sent it to do in Chang's life.
Very interesting! God's Word will reach the hands that need it.
Gave me goosebumps reading this one. I like how the 'sacrfice' did not go useless, but instead was used in a powerful way to reach one who is now reaching another. This is a great story! I loved it.