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Member Comments
Wow. I was excited just to read your entry because of the title. Your story was riveting, and left me wondering about the next chapter.
Since I have a love of pirates your title dragged me in. The story was well written, and kept me entranced throughout. I could feel the hostility building between these two characters
I loved how the first and last paragraphs tied everything together. This was a very creative story. Good job.
Well done! I liked "the fuzzy flavour of grief was supplanted by the bitter taste of hate." Great description.
You are a very good story-teller. Well written piece.
What an exciting story. I enjoyed your story very much, really wish I could create plots like that.
What an awesome scene! Your descriptions really brought the characters to life for me. The ending gave me a hint of more to come? :) It does seem like a chapter in a book.
Great writing.
This did not seem finished to me, but more like the back of the book or an outline for a really good novel.

You mention "forgiveness seemed unthinkable" in the first paragraph. I kept looking for the unthinkable to happen as part.

You did a great job of keeping this reader engaged in the story.
I wanted more after getting to the end! I'd love to see this turned into an expanded story. I can tell that you do your research and know your stuff when you sit down to write.

What happens next between the two men? I'd love to know!
This reads like something from a Wilbur Smith novel with its theme of feuding companions on the high seas. Engaging and intriguing