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Good carrots, bad carrots;This was a great 'veggie tale'. Very easy to read. Good devotional!
Wonderful devotional piece. Well written. My prayer is that the Master Gardener will continue to "weed" out those things in me that prevent me from producing fruit.
This is vry well written. Illustrations that are earthy and understandable with clear application. And not just once, but time and again. My one criticism would be that I thought your opening line was weak. I couldn't see the direct link between Christian conversion and an interest in gardening. A stronger hook would have led the reader more readily into what is otherwise an excellent devotional
Great illustrations (that also made me long for spring... sigh!) Nice pace detailing your progression and learning as a gardener.
Clyde, I really enjoyed this life lesson so simple but so powerful. I hope you get this published. Another good job, but I come to expect nothing less.
Sadly when I try to grow veggies we get lots of weeds and tiddly stunted inedible veggies. I hope this doesn't reflect what is growing on the inside :(
We have more success with flowers. We transformed a dirty concrete yard into a lawn with climbing plants up the walls. Returning to the city after 7 years away I was thrilled to see half a dozen neighbours had followed our lead. Maybe that is a better reflection of my life. :)
A good illustration and easy to read. Thanks!