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Good introduction and follow-through. The story kept me riveted and touched my heart.
This made me cry! You are a good writer!
Nicely done. I was surprised by the ending. I thought Jesus was telling her she was going to live. I understand now the groom just needed more time. I just sat with my son in the ICU for four days not knowing what the outcome was going to be and I do think that time helps prepare you. (He had a GREAT outcome.) Thank for sharing this! Good job!
Moving piece. I expected her to recover, but it would be a difficult return to health. Well written and engaging. Nicely done!
You definitely went against expectation. Your story completely held my attention. The lessons on trust were so good. Very nice work.
Yeah wow what we don't always understand Jesus uses and has a reason for letting it happen.
A very original take on the subject which is not an easy thing to do! I liked, too the way you took the reader from the beginning to the middle to the end without too much clutter. Good use of dialogue as well. When writing, dialogue, etc., I've found EB White's "Elements of Style" to be very helpful if you are not already using it.