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Member Comments
An exciting read. Well done.
You do tell a great story.
Your story is well written...and I do so like it when the 'bad guy' has to face consequences.
Good suspense, creative writing, descriptive words and phrases and the bad guy gets caught too. A thumbs up from this reader.
You did a great job with suspense all the way through in your exciting story. I just wish more of the "bad guys" had been caught this way before they absconded with other folks' money.
Whew! This was fast paced, intense; I was shredding documents with him and wondering why I was helping if he had been dishonest...hmmm.

I really enjoyed the suspense here.
A very exciting story. I was on the edge of my seat (litterally) wondering if he would be caught or get away.
So, Mr. Fox was in the henhouse, huh? You kept the suspense to the very end. That's hard to do. I liked this story.
Very good, I enjoy mystery stories. Good writing, good story.
Well this had my attention from beginning to end. I'm a firm believer that all things hidden will be made known in time (Matthew 4:22)
Made me want more.....well done.
I like the double illustration of the topic where he is going up and down in the elevator, and he also rose to the top and fell back down in his personal life.

I was curious as to what he did exactly to cause this fall, but it's fun to be able to make my own conclusions to this.