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Member Comments
Very creative - I enjoyed this!
You showed a wonderful inventiveness in this story...although you've got my mind much historical truth is here? I enjoyed reading this and figuring out the historical setting.
What an intriguing story. I giggled at the line, "Consider me a messenger," Gabe responded. Great clue, and a great time to drop it. Well done!
I know a lot of Civil War fans will enjoy this. I really like the double meaning of the question, "If y' get shot down, Professor, are y' goin' up or down?" Great work on this story!
Loved the story, very engaging, great descriptions...I loved the dialect (?). I agree, the title could be more powerful. Good job!
good writing! I love those characters who 'disappear' leaving both mc and reader shaking their heads.
I like the lighthearted tone mixed with a simple, but powerful, message. A good blend of light and serious. Your dialogue kept the story moving.