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LOL. But oh! so true! you really did a great job of displaying the mc's thoughts and how her mood vacillates right along with the hot flashes. good writing.
"...turn the furnace on cremate? ...hear my goose bumps rising?" I love the humor mixed right in with a life experience most can relate to in one way or another.
I like how you let us in on the women's thought processes. Very good job. Who needs a therapist when we can talk to ourselves;) LOL.
Being a guy, I knew I probably wouldn't totally understand what was happening, but I must say that this piece sort of helps clue me in as to how a woman thinks when she is mad at her mate. Hopefully I can take what I am learning and apply it to my relationship to avoid this. :)

I really wonder what he said to make her so upset. Hmmm... Maybe you explained that and it totally went over my head, or maybe you intentionally left it out for effect. Either way, good writing.
I could so relate to this story. Well done.
Hmm, so I'm not the only one whose mind works like this? I'm not weird? But then, if everyone knows what I'm thinking why should I have to express it?

Oh, yeah right, we don't ALL think alike.....

Okay, so I can totally relate, with the hot & cold and the discussions and the trying to sleep alone and not being able to figure out why I can't sleep and ....