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Oh, I liked this. Very creative spin on a favorite bible story.
There were a few things here that seemed wrong. That Barabas find his way to Philipi, that he was called Jesus and that his friend knew of Barabas's freedom all sort of ruined an otherwise good and novel story.
I think it doesn't matter if it's unlikely that Barabbas got to Philippi, or that his friend was at the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. It's an entertaining story that illustrates an important spiritual truth.
Excellent "what if" story--I enjoyed it very much. Some unclear pronouns in the early parts had me backtracking a bit, but I quickly got back on track. Super title, and a very good entry.
Great opening paragraph that drew me into the story.
Excellent message.
This was a very creative spin on a much loved story. I loved the last few lines. Great job!
I enjoyed this Bible story spin-off. I wasn't expecting the ending.
I too enjoyed your take on this story. I had heard before that Barabbas name was Jesus. A tale well told.
Very creative and moving, with a wonderful twist at the end. Good work!
Yes, I too enjoyed the story...very entertaining, thought provoking and held my attention to the end.

Good job!
I like biblical "what if" stories. This one is well written and has just enough bible facts to keep it plausable. I didn't have a problem with Barabas using his first name because he wouldn't want to flaunt the name that would draw attention to himself in a strange land... especially if he was still doing things that would get him put into prison.
Well written. You kept me reading even though I guessed very early that it was going to be about Paul and Silas in Philippi. It was not a predictable story :)
You didn't paint the prison in pretty colours but let the horror of the place come through. And as one who also wonders what happened to Barabbas I enjoyed this possibility.
Amazing story. Good job.
I didn't get the connection until the end. Wow, this was good. Loved it and well written.

I love Biblical fiction, and I love exploring the "what ifs" of popular Bible stories. I like what you did here. You took Biblical facts and added your own touch of fiction to create a very entertaining and meaningful story. Good work!
I'm another Bible "what if" lover. And as a prison employee, I was all the more intrigued! You did a great job keeping the reader engaged in the story. Very nice.
Excellent descriptions and well-written. I really enjoyed this story.
Really loved your take on this story. Wonderful. You had my attention throughout.
Well done.