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LOL! Great bit of humor in here. I loved finding out who Mr.Phil really was and his wife was a delightful character. Great job with this.
Extremely clever. Loved this piece. You had me fooled to the very end.
My impressions as I read it: "Mr. Phil" is odd--why not use first names? Why would a TV station hire the son of a retiring weatherman? You called the floor "earth." But then I got to the end. You were right all along and I was wrong. Never saw it coming. I love it!
You too had me a-wondering why things didn't quite fit right. I'm a sucker for a good, surprise ending!
Oh my goodness... you pulled me in right from the beginning and totally got me! Great writing and awesome twist! LOVED it!
A delightful romp all the way through!
Got me, too! Great clues, but I didn't put it all together till the end. Well done!
Very cute story with a great twist. I don't quite understand the connection to the topic, though. Is it just me? Regardless, it was a fun read!
Love it! I figured out "Mr. Phil"'s identity fairly quickly, but that took nothing away from this delightful tale. Very well done!
LOL! That was great! Loved it!
Entertaining story. lots of fun. I didn't see the connection to the topic. Might just be me.
Loved your entry. Can tell you love animals and have a viewpoint from kids (have read your profile:)). I too, had a little trouble connecting your story with the topic. I got the "hard" day part, but thought maybe the "soft" part was Mrs. Phil's arms and soothing reassurance. ?? Anyway, congrats on making the top 40!