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Wow! This was such a sweet, tender, and gratifying story with a really Unique Title which caught my eye and lured me in. A great story of patience, understanding and leaving everything in the hands of the Almighty. I enjoyed the read, and Kudos for a job well done.
A well written story with a great message.
A wonderfully creative take on the topic. God bless those who accept the challenge to deal with the "coconuts" in the foster system. Very nice piece.
I liked the analogy and message in this piece. The beginning seemed just a bit rough. You don't have to always put a description or dialogue tag everytime someone speaks. Sometimes a tense conversation just needs to flow back and forth without anything else. I'm interested in finding out the girl's backstory. Let me know if you write more.
I enjoyed every part of your story. I use to be a coconut and I'm so thankful God didn't give up on me either. The dialogue was very believable. Thanks for sharing this well-written, encouraging story.
The title drew me in, and I really liked the analogy a lot. I sure hope that this couple was able to reach this troubled girl.

There is nothing else I can add here that hasn't already been said. Your writing keeps getting better all the time.
This was an excellent entry of what I admire so much in the many out there that foster, love, and many times adopt the children who hurt so badly and need unconditional and consistent love and patience in their lives. Well done.
Lisa gave terrific feedback. (bless her)

I want to thank you for being an encouragement to me. You always make the effort...and it shows!
Keep writing!

Yay, Karls! :)

Btw, Your feedback on mine was EXCELLENT and very helpful.

Yay again, Karls! :D
This is a lovely story. I was drawn in by the title, but the content of the story kept me with you until the end of the story. I appreciate your writing and look forward to reading and commenting on others in the future. Blessings, Laura