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I enjoyed your story so much! Life with little ones is such a challenge and the peace that the mom felt when she finally calmed herself enough to take time with the Lord was so appropriate and wonderfully written. I could feel the peace coming over her. The ending is cute too!
Good job of showing a slice of life. As reading this I couldn't help but think, just wait till they're teenagers : )
But it looks as if this mom will have it all well under control by then.
Love this! Many of us can look back and wish that we had taken time "under the table" when the kids were so small--what a great reminder of what just a few minutes in His presence will do. Thanks!
A great story. Made me wondered how does a mom cope with little ones without Jesus' help.
Life can be just completely overwhelming at times. For some reason, I think Christians take it more personal when unable to "cope". There are only a few people in my life who I see take it all in stride and deal with issues the way I want to.
Great story.
This is a great rings so true, and has such a great message / reminder for all of us, whatever our stage in life. Now, excuse me while I slip under the table... :-)
My sister struggles with her child so much, and I wish she would take more time to seek God's face in order to deal with my niece more effectively. Good job with this! I appreciate you sharing this.
Kids can push all the right buttons and getting a grip on her frustrations is a great message from your MC in this story! Hiding under the table--now that is a unique "God place." (: