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You drew me in with your mysterious MC and kept my attention throughout. In retrospect, your title (which is PERFECT) held a clue. (plus all the clues throughout) You get a high score on the creativity meter for this!
Fun and interesting and on topic. Learned something about the lyrics.
I thought this was a FUN piece! Very creative and "out of the box"--(pun completely intended!)--Enjoyed the suspense of not knowing who the mc was until near the end-
How very, very creative...and delightful! You have a gift, Bryan. Keep writing and stretching yourself. Good stuff!
This has a sad, mystical quality about it...almost enchanting but for its melancholy. I sensed at the very beginning the MC was a doll, had I been more alert to the nuance of the title I would have guessed more accurately the Jack-in-the-box. In a way the article had shades of the Velveteen Rabbit, wit the Sara making him real. Good job!
I love this! It is creative and charming. Well done!
Poor Jack had been forgotten...

It's been so long since I heard that song, but the tune popped back into my head as I read the words.

I kept wondering who or what your MC was, and then the unveiling. Very nice.
Great title! What a creative, fun entry. This must have been a blast to write. Well done!
This is definitely out of the box.
I love the creativity, and I learned the something as well from the footnote. Nicely done.
Poor Jack. This is a unique twist on this topic! You certainly created a character that has my sympathies and you brought back some childhood memories, too.
Took me a while to figure it out- loved the suspense. You've written well and showed emotion with your words. Very nice.
What a well-written story. I enjoyed the MC's voice and character. It was fun trying to figure out who he really was. Enjoyed the lesson at the end as well.
Definitely way up on creativity. I thought at first your MC was a discarded puppet. Well done, this was very, very enjoyable despite the melancholy.
Very creative writing and great title, too.
I just had to keep reading until I knew what this was about. My guesses went unfulfilled. I really appreciate the note at the end. Great job keeping interest.
Thanks for reminding me of the "real" Jack-in-the-box (rather than the fattening burgers I usually think of!). Very creative. I enjoyed this!
Extremely creative and out-of-the-box writing for this week. You had me guessing at the MCs identity for a while there. At first I thought it was an old man in a nursing home thinking back on the good ol' days. Then I realized it was a toy talking. Fun stuff!