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This has a great message! Having had two kids go through divorce, I know the pain that comes to all those involved. Not judging at all, but it's so worth it if couples can get through the good and bad and stay a family!
I could feel the emotion of both characters... the pain, and the deeper desire to work things out, even if they thought it was impossible. I hope they did. Well written.
Good job, especially with the little details--the pastor's mustache, the blanket, that sort of thing.

A few misspelled words: storey/story and baulked/balked come to mind.

I love your title with its contradictions. Very good.
Always a difficult subject and rarely only one at fault. Your story showed that dilemma...each blames the other. Good job.
Well-written with great details and emotion.
This piece really interested me and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My wife and I run a marriage course and have seen marriages saved from the brink of divorce. Our very good friends are one such couple.
If anyone in here is struggling in their marriage -go through a good marriage course. Thanks for sharing such a good piece.

This emotionally tense story is excellently written.
There are so many things I like about this piece, beginning with the opening paragraph. I love the description of the house about to burst with the tension, the wife's thoughts whirling around with the fan, the thoughts of both the wife and the husband - so true-to-life. Great ending. Excellent writing.
Your opening paragraph really told so much in so few words and your message really came across well. Loved the end too.
Powerfully written and emotionally charged. Congrats on your place! Nicely done!