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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Member Comments
The title concerned me a little, but at the same time I couldn't resist it either. What an awesome story of salvation and hope and it's true as well. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story. The next time I feel the Lord's prompting I'll be much more attentive.
Wonderful story of God's grace and His patient invitation remaining open to all. Well done.
The Title also bothered me, but I was compelled to read it anyway. I'm glad I did, as it was inspiring and the story touched my heart. The writing needs some editing for punctuation and improper wording at times, but otherwise...very nice entry.
It's great that God can step in in the nick of time. Your story needs polishing in a few places, something that will get easier with practice - especially if you can find yourself a writing buddy.
Stylistically I think it would have flowed easier if you had mentioned earlier on that Michael had attended Sunday School. Otherwise his sudden memories of church seem out of place. Bless you.
I think I'll keep the "writing buddy" I have now - my wife. I also think I'll take some time off and concentrate on our local writing group's third anthology. FaithWriters has been good for me and look forward to reading other members works. God bless and keep writing!