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TRULY HILARIOUS! What a hoot! I totally enjoyed reading this-the title caught my eye and of course to learn that the person in question was actually a bird!! Geat twist and what fun! I totally enjoyed the read and especially the ending. I'm still chuckling as I type this. Excellent story!
Hee-hee! I really enjoyed this amusing story! :)

You have some great lines, such as: "Flashes of Hessie's past tribulations rapidly fired through Maude's memory banks."

I like your writing style, and your dialogue was believable.

Great job! :)
This is a riot! Being the owner of a particularly garrulous parrot I can relate easily.
I like this different approach--never expected the foul mouth to belong to a bird!! Very funny.
This is so much fun I had to read it a second time. Now I know, other than having a Siamase cat, why I don't own a bird! Great job on topic.
Good job, very creative. Loved the dialogue and the surprise "culprit". This is a great reason to never get a parrot.
I could just see her struggle with her Life Alert.
Boy, those folks would have a story to tell.
Very entertaining story. Excellent writing.
Great humor! I really enjoyed reading this! (Let's hope she plays only certain parts of the Bible for Polly... not, say, certain passages in the Book of Judges:))
What a hoot! Great characterization. Loved it from start to finish.
Oh my, that was so good! You had me fooled for a moment, then when you started talking about Polly being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner it suddenly all fell into place. Not even the name "Polly" clued me in. Bryan, this was such a hoot!
This "parront" understands completely the pickles a bird can get you into. I chuckled out loud. I *love* this! Two thumbs up.
A King James donkey! That made me laugh out loud. Delightful from beginning to end.
A really imaginative 'before and after' story! It was only when I reached the bit about the vacuum, that I realised the narrator was not referring to a human. Very funny, and well written!
Reading through this, an image sprang to mind of a plucked and roasted parrot sizzling on the plate - possibly not a solution that your MC would approve of.
Seriously though, I love the many tangents in the dialogue, the way you tease the story along with delicious but irrelevant asides. My one doubt about your otherwise excellent story would be whether the judges would see it as bang on-topic.