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Member Comments
Very good allegory!

I'm not sure you needed that last little bit, explaining it to the reader--trust your own writing to do the trick!
Very well done! This is a rough draft? I can't imagine how you would make it better. I know I will keep this scene in my mind every time I think of my Judgement Day.
Thanks for showing us the importance of being cleansed and made clean and white by the Blood. Lovely devotional writing - Thanks

I love it! I got a chill when she looked down and saw she was wearing the wedding dress. The blood washing the spot is excellent. Superb work.
Loved your creativity and thinking outside the box. I could see your MC in the white dress cleaning it with the blood. Good message.
I absolutely love this. I have been thinking of holiness a lot lately and so this story fits well w/ that. Thank you so much for this. Well done.
You took me on a journey and did it very well. The story itself is very rich and deep.
I like this! Having grown up in a legalistic culture, this is a wonderful take on what Judgment Day may be like. Thank God!