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This is a hoot! From the title to the "dog days of summer". Loved it.
What may seem silly to one could be insurmountable to another. Good lesson to learn. I loved the humor, the dog, the...all of it. I especially love how you could share the gospel, be an instrument of conviction, and still make me laugh while you do it. LOL
Extraordinarily clever title.
Priceless! Love it!
A hilarious piece, with a serious lesson at its heart! I was anxious to hear more about the "accident," but I never would have guessed THAT! Very creative take on the topic--well done.
Quite wonderful.... You are so gifted and so real. Thanks for the laughs.
Balaam lives! or not. This was a great take on a serious subject. How our bitterness can turn to rage before we realize that we are the problem. Good lesson in this fun read.
Hubby thought this was a hoot when I read it to him. Just the right touch! Bryan, you're a good writer...if you ever get too overwhelmed with the young folks!
So entertaining and funny. VERY good use of the topic! dog days of summmer -- great pun! the whole thing was just fun to read and the story unfolds with just enough 'mystery' to keep you hooked.
So creative! If a dog came up to me, sat down beside me and told me it was "sent", I wouldn't argue with it for a minute! I'd high-tail it in the house (no pun intended) and apologize! Such a fun story-thoroughly enjoyable lesson.
Very enjoyable - and such witty and creative writing! - thanks, Colin
Your title and humor are great! I had to laugh at the "dog days of summer." I think we wrote about the same lady this week. :) (except I didn't give her a name). I really enjoyed this!