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I had to smile at the proverbial" asking-for -directions debate you included in your story :) and I appreciate your scriptural reference in "Lord can take care of that sparrow family." I enjoyed reading this story… especially since it takes place in my home state… and the cacti are currently in bloom. (P.S. I'm in Tucson right now too.)
What a remarkably courteous bird! An interesting way to teach some aspects of ecology to children. I thought it was sensible to point out that your genre was for children rather than leave this for the reader to surmise.
A good object lesson that God doesn't always put us where we want, and where he puts us is where we belong. Fun characterizations..cute story.
Your story is well written. I can see it, with some editing, as a picture book for children. Not only does it contain lessons in faith and flexibility, it tells about different physical environments--forest and desert. Good work.
Written for children, but I, long out of that category, enjoyed it, too.
This was a sweet, lovely story that was a very enjoyable read. Nicely done!
Great children's story that would be wonderful in a picture book form. It teaches science, geography and most importantly a spiritual lesson. Well done!
What a cute story! And I loved your ref. to the "guys don't need directions" bit and also the Biblical sparrow. The only thing that bothered me was the end where it sounded like Mrs. Owl laid all the eggs in one night-lol! Keep the children's stories coming!