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Member Comments
A playful bit of grace as found in a few moments of "old" love.

This is very cute, and well written.
Thank you for this light hearted take on growing old together--and yes, a sense of humor is essential.
Would you believe I know a couple just like this? Great fun!
Thank's for the glimpse into my future. I'm already up to nine pills a day and my mouth resembles a major construction zone, full of bridges, and root canals. Seriously this is a good read, a fun and tender look into growing old.
These two are such fun. I'd love to spend a day with them! My favorite phrase, "I want Him to know I'm His indentured servant." LOL
What fun! I really enjoyed this couple.
Hervil and Bea are now one of my favorite couples. Cute, funny, and rich.
Oh this was just perfect! Wonderfully written with wonderful characters. Well done!
This was fun and funny, I liked it a lot. Good job!
Clever and humorous in just the right places! Reminds me of what my grandmother used to say, "We may as well laugh as cry!"
I love these characters! I'm still chuckling over the Depends comment. Well done!
A sweet and cute story of this delightful couple growing old together. Loved the name "Hervil" It was just classic! The touch of humor between them is believable and natural. Great stuff!
A very sweet story. Love your sense of humor!
Great title, great story. So very funny. Well done!
"I want Him to know Im His indentured servant,

I can see my hubby making this comment, he has the same weird sense of humor. Loved it!