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Aaahhh...road trips. Such wonderful memories. Good writing in this piece.
And what an adventure it was! :)
Great story! I can relate, having just completed a long road trip, much of it in the rain. I sat beside my granddaughter who scattered food all over the back seat and wanted to go the potty every hour or so. Arem't vacations fun?
Oh, by the way, I love the 2nd line. Good writing!
You captured the lonely, late night/early morning driver perfectly. I also like how you used SOS to save words.
It's so easy to relate to this... vacations always bring unexpected "adventures." Fortunately, it's generally the "good parts" we always remember!
So, who's cooking breakfast? A fun read.
I, too, have been abandoned by fellow travelers and had to keep myself awake by any means possible. Most of those remedies were familiar -- next time I'll try talking to the construction barrels!
A great read! Vacations require a rest period when they're finished, don't they? I enjoyed this entry!!! Kudos!
Very entertaining! I had a similar overnight adventure, but that will have to wait until the winter topic. I could visualize the whole trip so well. Great writing.
This was so entertaining and yet exhausting to read! I loved the dialogue with the Good stuff. :)
I laughed out loud at the dialog with the barrels! This was a fun piece! Well done.
Perfect voice - sharp, snarly yet oh so lovable. The barrels had me howling!!! I'll never look at one the same again ;-) I loved the short, crisp descriptions and random thoughts, they perfectly fit the situation. At least once she was wet, sleep would stay away!
This was so much fun to read. Loved the barrel thing. You took a dreary experience and turned it into a work of art.
Ths story reminds me of the James Thurber quote: "Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility."

You squeezed a lot of story into the word limit--good job.
Written with such clarity, you can fell the anxiety and the humor. Love Dan's response at the end.
LOL! I can definitely relate to this kind of a road trip/vacation. Very creative and I love the part about "Bo-barrel" This was hilarious! In spite of the whole serious driving in the night thing, you sprinkled real-life humor throughout adn made this a good read! Nicely done!
Karlene, I'm going to feature this charming story for the Front Page Showcase for the week of November 2. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!
I'm a seasoned traveler and really relate to your story and the frustrations! Glad you made the front page!
It's great to see you as the featured author, Karlene! :)