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A good story. A couple of tiny typos. Liked the title and the message of grace.
Good story, good ending. I was glad it didn't have a bad ending to it. You did have a great message that sometimes, with a good supportive family and God, a teenaged mom/wife can make it. Good job. Glad for this uplifting piece this week.
I loved the irony in this line: "Paul considered rushing home to kick his sister in the rear end... she needed to be reminded of her Christian heritage"
Tenderly done with a message of redemption.
Great pace and tone. A believable voice and a happy ending. Very nice job. Too bad about the word count sometimes, on this story I would have liked to read the transition from first news to the birthday party.
God bless.
I was happy this story wasn't all doom and gloom as these stories sometimes are. With a supportive family, these situations can work out. Nicely done.
You really did a great job with the details in this story. The imagery in the paragraph when your mc got the phone call were especially good. You showed the mc's emotions well. I particularly liked the ending.
I'm so glad this had a happy ending! Too many times, girls in this situation make the wrong decision. Fortunately, this young lady had a supportive family and a boyfriend prepared to do the right thing. Thanks for bringing these characters to life!
This sounds so much like one of my family members. It's been about 16 years, too. Same thing, wonderful ending, tight family and a good outcoming.
Good job!