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How funny...I thought Billy was a funny that he is a grown-up (who still has some of his childhood fears intact). Cute story.
Funny piece.
This was a very enjoyable piece. I like the twist at the end of him not being a kid but a chicken adult!!
Cute! Tho I'm confused why his mother made the appt and not his wife? Mamma's boy maybe? Poor Mrs. Waters. lol.
My brother who is an adult is just like this. He can pass out at the sight of a needle. I loved the idea of the sleep mask. Fun entry.
ROFL!!! Poor Billy! Or is it poor Mrs. Waters? I loved the twist on this at the end, you had me laughing once I figured it out. What a hilarious take on the topic. I also liked the detail of the grape lollipops. Great job! This was a fun read-and play on words!
Nice title. Great writing. heh heh