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This is great reading. Very true to life chronology. I got a little lost at the siren and the end. But very good writing.
I liked the chronological way you presented this and the reality that is packed into each short paragraph. I would have liked the "winter" paragraph to have been expanded just a bit so the reader would know who the emergency was for. But maybe you meant each reader to draw their own conclusion. Either way, I enjoyed this.
Yes, I want to know who the emergency was for and what happened.
About the Title. Someone here at FW taught me not to use a cliche' or cutesy title. Your story was richer/deeper than the lightness of the title.
Good job.
Yes, winter comes into each one's life. Your reminder that "to everything there is a season" is perfect! I like the lesson from the trees.
Thank you for sharing this unique piece - interesting and thought provoking.
This was written with a unique style...I too felt a little left out that I didn't know what the emergency was...but none the less a good job!