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I remember my friends having to take care of those babies for a week. This entry brought back memories I hadn't thought of in a long while. Thank you!
I just knew we had an irresponsible teenage mother at work.
Wouldn't it be lovely if this was the outcome and all it took for so many who wind up differently?
Very well-done story and great lesson.
Excellent twist. I was wonderfully fooled until I hit "two more days then" and I thought, what??? Nicely if unconventionally done.
This is a great story. I loved the mother-daughter conversation. (What new mother has not leaned in to make sure her sleeping baby was still alive?)
A surprising slant on the topic with a great message for the reader, young or old. Good writing.
I was so glad it turned out to be a fake baby. Motherhood is hard enough when you're a responsible adult. Very creative story, done well.
I loved this twist on the topic. I also was fooled until the 'project' came up. We actually had one of those in our house last winter. It was supposed to be for only a weekend, but we had an ice storm and had to keep it for 10 days. Talk about a lesson! Great (and realistic) writing!
At first I thought it was a real baby, and a real teenage mother ( which brought back some not so pleasant memories of my own daughter and first grandson.) The "project" baby was a great, unexpected twist. In some ways, I wish my daughter had experienced it like your MC's daughter. (That being said, I do believe that my grandson is a gift from God, and know that God has a purpose for his life.) God bless you for your story.
Great title, and a clever story. As a high school teacher, we dreaded "baby week" when the school had a dozen or so of those babies "going off" during classes!
I loved this. You had me totally engaged at the beginning, feeling sorry for both mother and daughter. Then when you revealed the baby was just a prop, I was impressed with the interaction between mother and daughter. And finally, you had me crying at the end 'cause my baby is grown and leaving in a couple of weeks.

Your writing took me through lots of emotions--great job.
Very good story and so very true.
Very creative! Loved it!
I loved this! At first, kind of groaned "Oh great--another unwed mother story"...and then...

They didn't have those programs when I was in school (uh-oh, dating myself) but I think they are terrific and really teach the kids a lot. And I loved the way you wove it into your story, all unexpected and stuff! Nicely done.