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Very nice story...loved the last line.
wait for the caffeine to percolate my energy… I can relate to this. This is a sweet story.
OK, I truly did get shivers from this one. Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, maybe I can relate to the anticipation of THE proposal, then subsequent disappointment in someone else's timing...(sigh), but truly I think this entry is just perfect. The thoughts, the charm, the suspense of it all! Great, great job. Your powers of description are growing deeper and much more expressive - love it.
Such a cute story. I don't know whether to be sick from the barrel roll or have goose bumps from the awesome proposal! Love it!
You have such great imagery! I love this piece!

These are my favorite lines:

I poured coffee into my veins, and was able to stand in the shower and wait for the caffeine to percolate my energy.

At that moment, the sound of his voice harmonizing with the hum of the engines, the autumn morning sun, the festive colors of harvest, and the never ending sky fit together in a breathtaking symphony.

Well done!
This story built up suspense and ended with a satisfying conclusion. Well-done!
Your writing gave me such an understanding of the MC.
Good story.

What a great piece of writing. You'll place high with this one! Kudos!
Great story, well told, and like a good book, kept my interest.

My sister's husband proposed in a similar way; he laid a huge tarp over his barn with the words "Will you marry me?" and took her up in a plane to pop the question.

This is the ultimate cloud nine!
Very descriptive, very amusing, very engaging ...