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Member Comments
This is a wondefully written little slice of life. I want to slip into her morning and try it on for size.
I loved the line, "I love the deliciously grown-up feeling of wandering through the house at this time of the morning, ready to take on the day before it even arrives."
You captured childhood so sweetly here! I could smell, hear, feel, taste all of what you described. Very well written!
Very sweet story! I felt like I was right in the middle of my mom's stories of her summers on granma and granpa's farm. Very well written and congrats on advancing to level 3!
I love the oatmeal bit--it really tickled me. Very nicely written story.
This is really good! It is soooo childhood that it takes me there, and well written.
I really liked this. Especially the part about no bug guts yet. Very well written!
This is a charming slice of life. Your MC is believable. Being married to a farmer, I can relate to the pre-dawn hours. I enjoyed this read.
This entry is an excellent example of bringing good memories to life through very good writing. I loved every word from the beginning to end. I believe you will place very high with this entry this week.
"It smells like dirt and sunshine..." perfect word picture for me. Sweetly written childhood memory. Good job.
Has anyone ever told you that you're a great word carpenter? What a lovely story! Big time kudos!
I enjoyed the relationship between grandpa and Punkin, beautiful. The entry is one of my favorite this week.
Well written, holding my interest all the way through and bringing back memories of like mornings with my great aunt and uncle on their farm outside of Lawrence, KS.
Great "child" perspective and really nice writing. It did make me long for those childhood days. Very nice job!
Isn't it wonderful how we can get into these wonderful story time machines and take ourselves and others back in time? Even though the names are different and grandpa didn't have a four-wheeler, the action sounds very familiar. And my "Punkin," she was born the day before Halloween. Thanks for waking me up with such "warm fuzzies."