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Member Comments
Oh, I felt so tense along with her, and annoyed at the doctor for being so terse. You made me feel everything she felt--the sign of a good piece of writing.
Having a background as a medic helped me to really feel a part of the story.
Very emotional story - kept me holding my breath and hoping for a good outcome.
Very well done...I felt the tension and stress right along with her. Glad for the happy ending!
This was a great story with some really tense moments. I kept wanting someone to reassure her that everything was going to be alright. I'm sure that it would be hard to be in her position.
Great work. The pacing kept me engaged and you provided some excellent details for "texture" to a tense story line that could have been overdone. I really enjoyed this and I hope it does well.
Whew...a happy ending! I was feeling the stress of not knowing what was going on...great job.