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My favorite lines: “And the sheep, are they as thick-headed as ever?”

“Only when you are about to inspire them.”

I think Morag would've had a much livelier union with this cheeky lad than the ending of this story hinted she would have with Dougal. Chilling. Very nicely told!
Very nice descriptions and story. Well done.
I like! Very well done, and great punch at the end!
Oh, great ending! I didn't see that coming at all! The idea of a low-born Lady Macbeth is intriguing. I think you could even write a novel about her early life, and the circumstances that might have made her what she became. Great job!
Oooh, good suspense. Loved the characters and the ending you hinted at. This was well done and I liked the snappy bit of dialog in the ending and the little details inserted in between. Good job! ^_^
Lovely descriptions and narrative! Well done, enjoyed the change of scenery!
Mastery of description. Professional writing that could be on the pages of a best-seller.

The language and voice are excellently done. I'm not familiar with Macbeth, but I enjoyed your story none-the-less. :)
Descriptive details, characterizations, dialogue, and an inviting ending; all of it terrific!
That last line is a kicker! The descriptions in this story for the setting, accent, and era are wonderful. Well done.
Good,very good.
Absolutely awesome! Oh, I hope this one does well!
Exceptional work, very very strong command of the genre.
Vivid and realistic. I could see it all clearly. This is one of my favorites.
Truly, this piece reveals the talent of a gifted story teller. It has dimension in the levels of characterizaion, dialogue, setting, atmosphere and most importantly, story line. Definetly a piece that could "easily" : ) be devloped into a full-fledged novel.