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Powerful and thought provoking! What good writing is all about.
Truly a sad account of how to often a believer miscontrues freedom in Christ as a license to be, say or dress anyway they choose. Ignoring the guidelines that are spoken of in the scriptures of how women are to dress and to carry themselves. Also a missed opportunity to truly witness to someone about Jesus Christ. Interesting title also.
Very thought provoking. Pity we can't love like God loves. We might win more for Jesus if we did. Thanks. Colin
I wish I could find the words to express how much I loved this piece and the many reasons why.
Well, well, well. Truly thought provoking and eye-opening. Can't we give a little cheer for the woman who at least spoke to Shula? So many of us would just avoid eye-contact. But alas, a very vivid picture of a sad reality in our world, from both sides. And excellent writing.
This was not offensive at all. I think it was amazing how you showed so clearly a Muslim woman's pov and feelings. So often we stereo type other religions and faiths and we forget how dedicated the individual people are.

Very eye opening. Excellent writing!