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This is just soooo cute! Well told!
Truly wonderful. You had me fooled for a moment, even though you began with Samsonite. A magnificent tale which you wove together very well.
I am blown away that you can write from the perspective of a suitcase and "pack" so much truth into your story! Well done.
I love this piece! How fun to read the suitcases perspective and wonderful truths woven in. Nice job, dear!
Clever, light-hearted allegory.
Nice allegory. What is on the inside is often far more important than what is on the outside.
How creative! and with a great message too. Well done.
What a lovely piece! You've given the bags personalities plus - how fun! Well done!
Very fun and well done! Good job of impersonating the suitcases so well! And you managed to leave your readers with a thought-provoking ending: "Sammy noticed the book looked tattered on the outside too. There was even a rip in the corner. But whatever was on the inside apparently meant the world to Kate. Maybe it wasn't the outside that mattered after all. Perhaps there was hope for Sammy, yet."
Very clever story with a good message! Nice read!
Enjoyed Sammy AKA Samsonite :) Especially the special cargo that he held.