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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Member Comments
Powerful message. excellent writing. nice flow. got the message without you saying they were hypocrites.
Well you got my emotions stirring anyway! I'm glad that you left it as it was with no comments on the right or wrong of it all and left the reader to churn through their own response to it. Very good on a subject that should be rehashed over and over until it no longer exists.
Your writing is clean and flows so well with excellent timing.
The message is clear. I wanted a little more drama or conflict.
Excellent entry.
This had so many great lines in it. And the characters you created were so real to life, it's not hard to see a bit of ourselves in them. You have an amazing gift of that.

On a side note, our Pastor (Cowboy Church) says that if there aren't a few trucks in the parking lot on Sunday morning with beer cans thrown in the back, we're not reaching out to enough people ;-)
Good food for thought-and sadly, so true.

Congrats on your win!
Wow. How sad. I can imagine Jesus shaking his head.... Excellent dialogue, excellent story, excellent job. Congratulations on your editors choice. Well deserved! You are a gifted writer!
I read this yesterday and was going to leave a comment but got seriously distracted. So, I will just say congratulations on your EC, Rachel. WooHoo!!
Ouch. You have quite the way of putting a message out there, using regular situations with believable characters. Truly great writing and bang on dialogue.
FANTASTIC! Thanks for the many lessons to be taken to heart!