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I was enjoying the memories, but wondering whether the story had a point, and then you hit me with it. Wow. I think I would have liked a little more foreshadowing to prepare me, but it was powerful.
Wow. That was quite the emotional punch! I was getting a little lost in all the mini stories, but that ending drew it all together. Great work!
Oh, that went in a totally different direction to what I had been expecting. Kudos for springing it on us.

I had thought maybe the daughter was getting married, and was carrying her love of orange even to her wedding dress. The ending was definitely a jaw dropper.

The first sentence probably had a few too many 'Mommas', but over all, well done. The ending definitely packed a punch.

I liked this one, I might have worked in the story how much time had passed since those memories of a younger child, but maybe not it kind of works the way it is. Good job.
Lollie, this is beautifully done, and I plan to feature it for the Front Page Showcase for the week of Janusry 18. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!
Jan - I wasn't expecting such a wonderful surprise. Thank you!
What a surprise at the end!!! I definitely was not expecting that. I loved the authenticity of the child's dialog in the story...Congrats that it will be showcased next week! Thanks by the way for your kind words about my story.
This was wonderful. And what an ending.
What can I say? This was a keeper for sure! And congratulations on a Front Page Showcase! What an honor!! I really loved this story and it really packed a punch!!