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Captivating from beginning to end
I like how you made Esther human...not some super woman who never experienced anger or impatience. Very well done
Thanks for giving us a realistic view of what could in truth have happened just as you have written. I love these sort of extensions to Bible stories. Colin
Excellent! You nearly lost me with the first sentence--that's purely personal preference on my part--but the rest of the story was a marvelous glimpse at an Esther-who-could-have-been. Very well done!
Excellent glimpse into the could-have-been realities of a well known Biblical account. A little wordy at the opening, but it did put me into the sensual kind of mood.
Fascinating read! You've added realistic depth to this old story, personality to Esther, and used the color wonderfully. I love it!
What a great entry! And what a great storyteller you are! Kudos! Big time!
This was great, I absolutely loved it. I would love to see you write an entire novel length piece of Biblical fiction. Well done!
Beautifully written. Your ability to not rush a story is so good. Personally, I don't like Bibical fiction. But, whatever you write, you do it very well indeed.

Another fabulous entry! I'm sorry, I just can't red ink your all just reads so well to me!

Loved this.
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!! Congrats on EC.
I would have never thought of Esther and the color orange together. What a treat it turned out to be. Congratulations.