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Member Comments
Very well done. I would have liked a little more on her interaction with the sweet John,but that's my nature.Beautiful.
Interesting take on topic. a little more than I wanted to know about camels body functions but overall a very interesting tale. Good job.
I love the concept here, but I felt like it took a long time to hit that "ah ha!" moment. The opening left me expecting more. This was an excellent idea and very solid writing.
Wonderfully out of the box and well written. Nicely done...
Beautiful title, and I enjoyed this immensely.
I enjoyed the comments about the camels-very comical!
At first, I thought you were referring to Jesus and I was abit confused.
Actually, as a level 1 writer, your story has helped me to understand and visualize what Jan referred to as adding more character to my characters.
This terrific story kept me reading. The flow of it right down to the revelation of her lover's name and the message at the end was just right.
A very nicely and creatively written piece. You must have done some research or have some knowledge of camels to know what it's hair and dung can be used for. I especially like how the story is juxtaposed with the story of John. You have painted the moods of the past in the story quite well.