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Whoa! Her phone conversation threw me for a loop! A tomb? Interesting!
A tomb? More, please?

I think you managed to touch on just about every shade of brown with this one. Creative.

A side note - I was wondering where you've been Sara! Or maybe I just haven't been around enough ;-)
Surprising twist on toast!

Highly imaginative yet vividly realistic.
Was there something Poe(ish) going on here? What happened? I'm reading along, enjoying your writing, very smooth, good pace, nice flow, keeping my interest, allowing me time to try to figure out the toast connection and then the tomb dropped, slam, bang, the end :). Please say there is a part two?! I really enjoyed your writing talent. I'll be looking for the Cinnamon Toast Tomb Part Two.
Your writing is lovely. I especially enjoyed the mc's shadow descriptions. And then the end had a stunning surprise.
Wow… what an ending! I'd almost like to see "this room"! :) I was definitely with her in these moments as she worked. Great work on this!
This was cool...I was a little dumbstuck by the twist, but it's a good thing to make us wish there was more. Great job!