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A very sweet and tender cultural tale especially relevant during this Advent season.
congrats! powerful entry. as usual, great writing.
I love learning about other cultures' legends. Very interesting to interweave it with the modern-day tensions. Well done!
No wonder you are headed into Masters! Powerful story and so true.
There is no doubt you belong in Masters!!! Incredible if the legend itself wasn't enough to make an engaging story, the setting was gripping! You have to expand your stories into novellas or novels...I wanna read them! :-)
I really enjoyed the legend. great story, Rachel. : )
Oh boy. This is writing. No wonder you shot through the writing levels like you had a rocket tied to your back. I only hope that one day my own writing is as good as yours is.

Absolutely loved every part of it and there is nothing I could even think of changing. Well done .
I liked every bit of it. So well done. Blessings to you.
Great job! Never heard of this 'legend' before, but I do like it. Cute title too, I see how it fits. a really interesting read this week.
Compelling and touching, well written to boot. Fantastic job!