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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
I laughed all the way through this!! What a hoot! Loved it!
Well-timed for post-Christmas recovery from all the food we have enjoyed. (I've personally gone on two diets simultaneously - because a single diet didn't include enough food!) Thanks for the fun in your story and the puns in your characters' names.
LOLROTF!! Loved it!! Your closing line was priceless!
Awesome! Loved the humor in this piece!
loved this, I have a feeling I know who came up with this but won't reveal it! But I think I recognize the humor. :0 LOL
This was especially funny to me, I just recently purchased one of those garments. Hey, I'm trying to keep hope alive! Good job, very much on topic and VERY revelant.
You have a gift for humor. Don't you have a Baptist magazine to send this to? I love it.
I could see this so vividly! A hilarious fun read.
At the close I was hoping for more than a chorus burst; what a hoot if it had all hung out. Ow! Enjoyed this, as much as a man can, reading about women's fat. Colin
Ha Ha Ha!!! I've got to get me one of those!
Oh, my goodness! Can I ever relate--this made my breathing tighten just reading it. Having poured myself into something similar, I can rightly attest that this story is absolutely true-to-life. Love it!
Chuckle,chuckle, I remember when those garments were called girdles plain and simple. Every name and description was well -a gut buster! worthy of a humor contest!
So creative and fun to read. I loved the names of the characters! Well done.
This is the cutest story... so clever and imaginative... very deserving of first place in both the level and in Editor's Choice. congratulations!!!
Nicely done. Congratulations! I have several of those garments in my drawer that I've worn once, then rejected. I laughed all the way through your story and I loved the word play.
I couldn't wait to get here and read 1st place. Am I glad I did! It is so well deserved! I loved every laughing minute!!! And the NAMES were HILARIOUS!! Super job!
Well done Mona. This was so deserving. I absolutely loved it. Congrats on your first place finish and your EC! BRAVO!!
Congratulations! This was hilarious. I loved the names and especially Ophelia Payne. What a great sense of humor and "style". Good job!
Funny stuff! Congratulations on your 1st place win!
Pure pleasure! Vanity of vanities! We are willing to pay a high price for admiring glances! Great writing!
Congrats on being first in EC! Ain't it grand!
Mona, this is awesome! Congrats on EC!
LOL.... I loved this one!
Excellent - I loved the names! Congratulations.
Just wanted to add my comment...thanks for the laugh! I didn't get the "names" until I read the comments. Ditzy me. :)
Absolutely hilarious! A well-deserved win...congratulations!
This was so entertaining! You deserve all the kudos. Congratulations.

This was a great one! Loved the ending- gave me a good hearty chuckle!
I thoroughly enjoyed this. Especially the end. Great job. Congratulations on winning first place!
oh wow! Love your humor, Mona! Simply amazing!
On reading this a second time, I'm wondering if the pastor preached from the Beatitudes; as one very appropriate text comes to mind: "The weak shall inherit the girth..." Congratulations on your win.
So clever and such fun. How I love those names. Many congratulations on your second place BOB win - very well deserved.
Oh, Mona - this is absolutely a RIOT - and masterful. So glad you got second place for BOB - if only so I would have a reason to read this super piece. Congrats!
Mona, Super congrats on your 2nd place Best of the Best with this hilarious and creative story!
Congratulations on your BOB win with this hilarious story!!!
Congrats on your win. Great piece.
Congrats on your BOB win! This story is so great!
I'm sure you had as much fun writing this as I had reading it. Loved the names of your characters and the ending was so fitting. Applauding you for your BoB placement and for all your entries that have entertained me.
So Funny! delightful names. Congratulations on 2nd BoB.
How funny and wonderful! You certainly deserve BOB rating. Congratulations.
This was so hilarious!! Great job!
Very FUNNY!!!!
I had fun reading this!!!
I'm a new 500 member, so I'm checking out the winners. Your piece is very clever. I love the character names. And your ending was on-point for the topic...and a little bit of a surprise. Great work!
I don't know how I missed this, but I was perusing some of your pieces and came across this one. I have tears running down my face from laughing and I need to hurry off to the bathroom. You are indeed brilliant!
I am new here and just learning my way around. I am so glad I found your article. This is very very funny and cute, and I enjoyed reading it.
Colorful, Imaginative. Realistic. Believable and easy to follow. Kept my interest.
Nicely done and congratulations again. The part about the pastors message being especially long was just great!