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This brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the reminder of how precious each life is to our Creator :)
Very thought provoking. I have known men like that. I was with Ruthie all the way.
Life is never a mistake. At least, that's my take on it. What a tale of suspense and sadness, I'm so glad that Ruthie got away. I was rooting for her. Good ending too!
Susepenseful piece filled with hope. I really enjoyed this and was along beside Ruth hoping she would be able to escape. Great piece!
Not only was the husband physically and verbally abusive, he had no respect for life, even his own child. She was wise to leave when she did, before things got uglier.

Thanks for sharing. We've all had to make hard decisions that could be looked badly by others for our own peace of mind (and in this case the life of your child).
So many in the military deal with emotional issues and there needs to be more done to help them. I have been collecting veteran stories for a project dealing with how they and there families are being overlooked by both the government and communities they live in.
I am conceived "by accident" and my mom gave me up for adoption, so the title immediately caught my eye. Great pacing and dialogue in this - beautiful story.
Sounds like a great plot line for a novel! So cool that its true.
Beautiful story, well written! I hope this is widely distributed; it is badly needed in this world. No life is a mistake; all are valuable and have purpose! Thank you for sharing this! Great job!
Beautiful story...and even more amazing because of its truth. Wow! God is good!
Wonderful story. It is even more suspenseful considering the time period. Things were quite different than, it was harder to leave an abusive spouse. People tended to look the other way when it came to domestic disputes. Dee was an incredible, brave lady. Thank you God for saving this baby. I'm glad she told her story. She was NOT a mistake, but a beautiful blessing.
You are so right! God doesn't make mistakes. This was a beautiful story. Patty
Nicely written.