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Your descriptions are so vivid, especially in the beginning part. I was intrigued throughout. Great writing.
Some great descriptions! I especially loved (hated?) this one... I was limp as a cooked frog. Ewwww! LOL
It saddens me to learn that this was a true story. Anger can get a hold on some people, but teachers and coaches are meant to be the student's advocate, not his enemy. Well-written. I still have a lump in my throat.
YOur story had a lot of good descriptions in it. :) I am sorry to hear that it was a true story, too, but thanks for sharing this interesting tale.
Seems like the term "sport" no longer applies to these activities. I get angry when I hear true stories like this, showing how coaches and teachers treat the young athletes.

Very well-written, good descriptions.
What? Could not follow this no matter how hard I tried. Maybe focusing on one storyline would have helped.