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I like how you have woven several stories together. You brought the Bible to life with this story. Strong story-telling.
How many of us would respond with, "Huh?" if the Lord healed us. He is able and willing if we had the faith to believe...Great story...many biblical issues included in such a short story. Keep on reading the Word and writing about it...we all need to be constantly reminded...
Good, natural flow that energises much of the life of the bible narrative/ It also captures the perplexity that must have gripped many who saw Jesus' ministry unfold. However I feel that jumping back to KJV terms reduced the impact that a modern translation - or a paraphrase like 'The Message' may have provided.
Gosh! That was a perfect ending! I loved it! It's a beautiful revelation of how real biblical characters were and how true the walk of faith can be for us today too! Really good,THREE THUMBS UP!!!
My favorite part of this: The rich man only gave when his friends were watching. Perfect characterization. Very nice work on this.