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Member Comments
What a great story. Loved it!
Clever story. Sometimes the simplest things can break the ice.
I loved the interaction between the two in this adorable story, and the last sentence was perfect.
I envy those who grow closer together as they age. Never had a sister and always felt like it would be wonderful. This is a casual, well-told story and it makes one think about important things.
Good job.

From title to ending I enjoyed your story. Realistic reactions from siblings who have grown apart. I'm glad the breach between them was repaired. Good job.
It's amazing what small things will bring two people together! I enjoyed your light-hearted story.
Your "family" story of how humor saved the day won me over. It was interesting all the way through with a great "punch line."
I really liked the way you presented this personal story - it could almost be used as a devotional. It is odd how the simplest of things can change one's perspective. It's called a paradigm shift and you've done it quite well. As a side note, we named our Cairn Terrier, Tigger. After that same beloved character from "Winnie the Pooh"
02/10/10 it!
Your story brought tears to my eyes... I have a twin brother named Brad... we've never been close. I'm so glad you and your brother had your connection reestablished.
What a beautiful story. I'm so glad you managed to work things out. this was well-written and touched a special place in my heart.
Loved this family story. I have been truly blessed with a close family and I know that "right well".
To know this is a true story makes is even more meaningful. Artistically crafted, well presented, absolutely lovely.
Lovely story well written. I can understand that distant feeling. Getting connected is simply not easy with grown-ups. LoL (",)
It's amazing what one word or phrase can do to reconnect people who've grown apart. A simple concept, perhaps, but very realistic. Good job!
The very title cracked me up! I can see why your brother thought it was so funny. I don't know anybody who doesn't love Tigger. (I like to make my family members laugh with goofy movie quotes too.) ;)

Light-hearted and enjoyable! Congrats on ranking #12 in Level 3! :)
Have only just read this - what a fantastic story. It hits so many deep truths and is well worth remembering when relationships gets strained. Thanks so much.