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Member Comments
A captivating read from begining to end. Well done.
Wow, great take on the topic with plenty of creative twists and turns. A heartwarming story in the end. Nicely done!
Wow, this story kept me guessing with lots of twists and turns. Good job capturing the turbulent emotions involved in this revelation. I always enjoy reading what you write!
Awesome creativity and what a beautiful "ohhh..." that was. If you're looking for suggestions (not red ink, necessarily, just an impression) I'd recommend putting some more "showing" of emotion. This is incredibly well done.
Creative thinking in this on-topic story with a good message and pleasing ending.

I like the way the story unfolds, slowly moving from truth to truth in a very believable way. There's a really big story behind this conversation. Nice job.
Very well written!
I was drawn right in!
How wonderful! What an amazing story. Beautifully written.
Fascinating piece! There were so many different emotions wrapped up in this situation.

I especially liked the line "I moved my lips until my words became audible." I could picture it.
Such a well thought out, deep plot in so few words. Learning that you may have a brother, but don't, and that you're adopted - all right after your father dies would be a huge "ohhh." I love the pro-life message and the truth that everybody is special - no matter what their identity.
Your story is filled with intrigue - I couldn't stop reading! The opening three paragraphs are a bit weak; you might want to work on them, or consider starting with the two women on the couch. But once the conversation starts, the story falls into place with just the right timing. I really like this one.
Great writing, wonderful story, went straight to my heart. You write so well!
What a beautiful story. I was enthralled from beginning to end.
Congrats on placing
So creative and filled with could FEEL the emotion in this piece. Great job!