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I really enjoyed this. You captured very well, and with great humor, the discomfort of medical procedures. Thanks!
The only quibble I have is the word peak, should be peek. Overall good job.
Being a retired nurse myself I found this article truly hilarious. The humour was spot on and suggests that you were writing from personal experience. I'm so pleased to hear that the 'bottom'line was favourable! HaHa! Well done.
haha, loved the charade game at the end!
One thing to look out for-- don't say 'hook a stool' in a story like this, it has a double-meaning :) otherwise I liked it. I liked the scene changes, it gave it good perspective over time. and, if you need some imbellishment for an expanded version of the story- my husband likes to sing 'this little light of mine' during colonoscopies :)

nice job!
Funny and fun to read. The Mae West thing was hilarious. Did you actually use the word "phew" in the story? I dont' remember reading it and yet it was imaginably implied.
a humorous "look" from a man's perspective... I had to smile at the "I streaked" sentence. I enjoyed this! Excellent writing!
Hey, congrats on your ribbon!!