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An interesting story. I felt it was a little heavy on the he and hims, but I get that you were trying to make a point. I so felt all of the MC's sadness and guilt. You made the point that we all need to feel loved. Good job
I really "got" where this story was coming from. I think it takes as much bravery to write about the great I AM being the lover of our souls as it does to declare it to spouse, friends, family, strangers.
Then your story leads me to the next outcome - it takes wisdom to never neglect the latter (fellow humans) in our passion for Him. Nice story.
Whew, this went deep, then a little deeper. May I never lose sight that "He" is everything to me. Glad your mc found her way back in such a beautiful way
Very deep piece. It was thought-provoking.
If only everyone knew just how much they are loved!