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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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What wonderful things can happen when we answer God's call. This was very touching and a good read from beginning to end.
Lovely, well-written message.
Well-written with a good message about tolerance and caring. Good job.
Loved that inner dialogue, and MC's willingness to respond - to reach a kid on the margins. A great creative close.
Very interesting storyline that carried a profound message.

"Why not me?"

I only hope I can continue to mature in my own walk with God that I will be obedient to serve Him as you MC was willing to do anywhere anytime.
I love your characters and your writing introduced them well to the reader.
In this fearful world we live in, I worried a bit about an adult following a kid into the bathroom. Wish that thought wasn't intrusive.
Enjoyable read.

Loved your opening paragraph - excellent! You have a gift for finding such creative and meaningful stories, and this one is no exception. Loved the message.
I liked this a lot. It got me thinking much. Thanks for an excellent piece!
I agree with one of the other commenters about an adult male follwing a child into the men's room and touching them also. I know it was innocent but unfortunately too many times it is not. I applauded your innocence in the writing.
Great message in this well written story. I applaud risk takers - those willing to ignore political correctness to offer help to those in need. This boy, as it turns out, wasn't choking. Determining the true need, the MC was just as helpful.
You've taken a tough subject and written a beautiful heart-warming story with a superb message! You kept my attention throughout! Nice work!
Understanding the reason for one's behavior is so important! Under normal circumstances, we would have jumped to conclusion Alan's behavior. We certainly need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to know what God would have us do in such a situation. Thank you for sharing this. A very good read indeed.
I think you handled the first person wonderfully. The story felt sincere and it was easy to see the MC's heart. There was a lot to get to in the word limitation, but you did well in relaying your message.
I really liked this story in all and think it would of been better if more words could of been written. It felt just a bit rushed. The overall story was very convicting. So many times we take the easy way out and do not listen to God's whisper to reach out.
You did fine with present tense--made the characters real--and gave me a real appreciation for your MC. Good story.

Aw, Sarah Elisabeth! I liked this story so much.

I liked the present tense for this story, I think it fit the tone very well.

The ending was fantastic!
I liked this piece. If the Holy Spirit tells us to go, then we go - even if it means entering the restroom. Goodness! At that point, I thought the kid was choking and heaven forbid that someone would not follow him into the restroom because of "Political Correctness". I know our world has dangers, but I did not see any danger in this piece.
Congratulations on the win. This was one of my favorites.
My, oh, my . . . a terrific delivery of the topic: creative and convincing.

My heart was moved for Alan and Robert, in that wonderful exchange between them. The confession of weakness made strong, in Christ, was appropriate and appealing. Robert, Trina, and Alan enjoyed the Red Sox game, and I enjoyed this hit-out-of-the- park winner.

Congratulations, Sarah, on your 1st Place Win; thank you, for such a delightful entry.

Congratulations on your win! Wonderful story.
Awesome story. Extremely good handling of a very sensitive subject. Well written with a good message. Congratulations on a much deserved win.
Congratulations Sarah!

I'm one of your fans. I love how you create a truly dynamic story of depth, with a wholesome spiritual application.

Congratulations on your win.
Congratulations, Sarah, this was a winner, for sure! What a moving, sensitive piece. Very thought-provoking as well. Fantastic!
Nicely done! Congratulations on the win!
Tourettes is a tough subject. I have a friend who us a fabulous baseball player and considered going on to try to play pro ball. He instead went on to work on his masters in music and has a powerful opera style tenor voice. He has Tourettes and lots of frustrations with it, but he never gives up. Support is very important. Your story got the essence of that need.

Beautiful ending for a beautiful story! Congrats on the win, Sarah! You deserve it! First place! Woohoo!!!! :D You're a Master now. ;)
Sarah, I love this powerful story, and I'm going to feature it in the Front Page Showcase for the week of June 7th. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page...and congratulations!