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I really like the way you put this together, no holds barred. A plain and painful truth. Well done.
This was one of the most interesting short stories I've ever read!
Excellent! A good story of how difficult forgiveness comes- obedience to God, an act of will, until God changes one's heart.
Wow, this is fantastic! Forgiving others is something we all have to work at. You helped us see God helps us in that area when we truly want to forgive. Thank you!
mmmmm, I liked this one. You did a nice job with it. Very good writing. Thanks for sharing!
Great entry! I wanted to read more...Well written.
Love it, love it, love it. No pat ending for the reader, just thought-provoking confessions from both your narrators. Perfect.
Very well written. Something we don't read about too often.
Thought provoking, and real, especially on this side of the victims father. I especially liked the paragraph where he talked about his wife and daughter. Just enough information to take us to that horrible place without overwhelming us. God Bless, Karen
Gut wrenching emotion. You clearly show us this character's struggle. Very powerful piece. Good job. Thank you.
Excellent piece!
Wow! Awesome story. Well done.
I loved the two stories in one! You did a great job to fit these two stories into 750 words! I enjoyed it very much and the lesson is very important!
Wow! This was so good. I liked the way both men's journeys are still incomplete. No pat answers here. Well done.