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This is positively priceless. It would make a great devotion or an article in a woman's magazine. I'd love to have every female who doubts herself read this.
Cute story for all women. Loved the half curled Lip!
Your story is too true. I can only imagine that each of us "girls" has felt particularly unattractive at some time. But I love your conclusion. Indeed, we are beautiful--loved by God--made in his image. Thanks for the reminder.
I'm sure this would resonate with every girl and woman. We all need to see ourselves through God's eyes. So glad you do. Blessings.
I think this was a brave entry and well done.

One word that didn't quite jive was the word "endearing". I suppose it was meant to be sarcastic? but for me it wasn't the very best choice.

That last sentence is really powerful!

God bless you, Sarah! Thanks for your encouragement. :)
Perfect title! You have a fun beginning that unfolds into your beautiful message. I like this!
Your point is wonderful, and needs to be shared, for sure. I thought it a bit short - like you could definitely spend more words on this one. Were you practicing present tense? You kept it well throughout the piece. I also thought the conclusion cut off too quickly and didn't hit me all that hard. Your approach to the topic is certainly unique, though - one I didn't think of. Well done!
It's a wonderful message, told within a story I can relate to. But I would have liked you to dig a little deeper - tell me more about the scripture and God's love.
What an encouragement to women everywhere. What does it matter when you are a daughter of the Lord.
I think everyone can relate to this (in the morning, and at other times, too :). I always enjoy reading what you write! Good job.
Wow, this was good. I really enjoyed it. What a blessing to see yourself as God Sees you.