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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Oh boy, this is exactly what they were worried about after the pie incident. LOL something tells me Pastor Mark is going to be watching this pair for more cannon fodder... er, I mean sermon material.

I could hear the 'Hmphs' between Carl and Cynthia, but they were good natured 'Hmphs'.

A very creative way to present the topic, well done.
This was great how you used a previous story for this challenge. It was fun remembering the first story and I enjoyed how the pastor turned the oops into a sermon. I wish he hadn't embarrassed the young couple, but it was a cute ending. Good job.
Clever to use your newlywed couple again - aaah, the ups and downs of marriage! A fun read.
Cute, it brought a smile. Okay, a grin. Hmmph.
Good job!
Oh this what I have to look forward to? Dang it....
This is adorable and very entertaining. You had me sliding and slinking right along with Cynthia! Love the pastors sense of humor too!
Like the first story, this was a lot of fun to read! I hope there's a part three. :) Good job.
I really like the last line! Great story-should be a winner!
A very sweet, cute story. I liked the dialogue between the couple at the end the best. As a general rule I'm not a fan of beginning a story with scripture, but you seemed to pull it off and gave me direction soon enough introducing the pastor. Great job. Enjoyed the story. And thank you for the kind comment on my entry. God bless.
Good story! How many times have I locked my keys in the car? Oy! We have that fixed now... :D I enjoyed this very much.
Aw, this is cute! Just fun, sappy romance - and good for a smile.
I enjoyed the view of the newlyweds; it reminded me of some days long ago.
I enjoyed this fun look at a sermon.I know preachers use their families lots of times for examples.Good job.
Both of these stories were fun to read, well-written with wonderful dialog, and cute as a grin button! Sigh! I'm a sucker for romantic comedy! Great work!
LOL! I remember this couple (the poor dears). :) We are thoroughly entertained at their expense, but it seems they are becoming accustomed to that. :) Very nice work!
Life challenges and experiences are good materials for sermons and devotionals! All we need to do is not to do it at the expense of others. LoL! Interesting read and well written.
I'm getting very fond of this couple. What fun she would be in a women's group. Give them a child...