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Amen, my friend!! And congratulations on the 50th! Did you ever find anything out about Tora, Tora?
Nice to hear a banker testimony about how God owns it all my brother.

May you and your "butterfly" share many more happy days this side of heaven!
Haven't been here long, but this is the first article on tithing, and it is with great joy that I say, AMEN!

This was a wonderful testimony and well written. I actually said "Wow" at you writing this ON your 50th Anniversay. Such dedication and devotion between both you and your wife.
What an awesome testimony! And you kept the message from being dry and preachy by all the rich personal details you brought into the story. Great message, well told.
I appreciate this testimony of how God blessed you. My husband and I have struggled with tithing. I grew up doing so and believe as you do that tithing will produce blessing. My husband struggles. Perhaps I will print your article for him. Who knows. Maybe God will use it to speak to my husband's heart.
I really liked your butterfly analogy. It's always wonderful to read of God's faithfulness, ...and super congrats on 50 years! Awesome!
I could "hear" as well as sense the struggle you were having with the tithing commandment. The way you showed the turn around - the tenacity and faithfulness of your "butterfly" was beautifully written. What also came through was the love and devotion you and your wife both have for one another. And, too, the wonderful example you are setting for your children.
Virgil, congrats on placing in the top fifteen of Level 3!
This was great. Love your butterfly analogy too. We have learned too through the years that it's all the Lord's anyways. :0) We just get to enjoy His blessings by obeying Him and see what we reap when we sow into the kingdom of God-with a grateful and willing spirit.
Congratulations on your 50th anniversary. Praise God, what a testimony!
What a beautiful testimony of the faithfulness of God!

And congratulations also on your 50 years together.

God is so good.